Our Big Meals for Little Kids Program supplies school-aged children with healthy and convenient food options during the summer months when they are no longer receiving breakfast or lunch from their school’s free or reduced cost meal program. Not only is the financial burden on families with children difficult during this time of year, but many working parents must leave their school-age children at home to care for themselves and their younger siblings. To assist with these summer burdens, Network (in addition to its normal Food Assistance Program) will be providing these families on-site assistance by:

  • Doubling the normal limit of food for each eligible child.
  • Parents will be able to self-select a large percentage of foods that are; easy lunch options, healthy snack choices, and easy breakfast solutions.
  • Continuing a child-centered summer snack shelf where school aged children can select their own box/bag and create their own snack boxes for home. They will be able to choose from options including a variety of fresh fruit, granola bars, water bottle or juice, shelf stable protein, and a kid friendly snack. In addition, they will also be able to select a children’s or young adult book from our lending library to add to their snack pack.

How you can help children this Summer

1. Donate – every $1 you donate can help us provide up to 3 kid-friendly meals this summer.

2. Host a Food Drive – our pantry is lean in the summer months, but hunger knows no season.
Great kid-friendly food items to donate include:

  • pop-top canned meals
  • microwavable individual meals
  • healthy snack choices
  • granola bars
  • fruit-leathers
  • cereal
  • easy-to-toast frozen breakfast options.

3. Donate a Book – donate a new school-age appropriate book to our lending library.


VIP Reception

5:30 to 7:00

Music Provided by Richardson Symphony