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When it comes to helping clients, Network of Community Ministries has one mission…“to care, coach, and empower our neighbors in need as they seek an improved quality of life.” In the area of job search, that means helping every client find employment that supports their life goals! Everyone who signs up for the Couch to Payday© – A Training Plan for Job Seekers program will regularly meet with a Job Coach who is knowledgeable and ready to provide expert career advice. The coach will help you learn the job search skills and tools that are essential to your success in today’s competitive job market. Couch to Payday has proven successful for our clients. Over half of the clients who completed two or more course segments have landed a new job.

What if you knew you could win the job of your dreams by investing just six weeks of effort? In order to run a marathon, play a piano piece without mistakes, or achieve the goal of winning a great job, you must learn new skills to improve your performance. Couch to Payday© improves your performance as a job seeker by teaching you the skills essential to competing in today’s job market. 

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Level 1 – Life & Work Goals, Living Wages, & Search Parameters

Level 2 – Resumes, Keywords, & Applications

Level 3 – Follow-Up and Interview Practice

Level 4 – Your Professional Network

Level 5 – Local Employer Connections

Level 6 – Sprint to Finish and Get Hired!

Level 1 – Life & Work Goals, Living Wages, & Search Parameters

Thinking about the next 3 to 5 years, what goals do you have for personal growth & relationships in life? Many of us attempt to find balance between our work life and our personal life. Each one of us defines success in life by different measures. Some define growth in financial terms while others seek professional career advancement. Others want to pursue accomplishments like education, health/fitness, charity/helping others, creativity/arts, or travel. We balance these personal desires with the needs and goals of other individuals who are important in our lives, like spouses, children, parents, family, and friends. In Level 1, we explore ways of aligning personal growth and relationship goals as we set job search parameters.

During Level 1, you also learn how to search job openings and save the best matches on You are taught how to upload your existing resume or build a new one on Indeed. Soon, you will be applying for jobs that are most likely to advance your life goals.

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Level 2 – Searching, Selecting, Matching Keywords, & Applying

The magic happens at Level 2! Once you have completed your Level 1 worksheet, a Job Coach will review your homework and offer advice and suggest any improvements. In Level 2, you will establish a daily routine of job search activities, including: follow up, searching for new openings,editing resume keywords, and applying. Next, you will be introduced to the magical world of Application Tracking Systems (ATS) and ways to maximize keyword match scores using Regular participation in Couch to Payday© will also earn you an upgrade to Jobscan’s premium services. By the end of Level 2, you will have a professionally polished resume and can submit several applications each week

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Level 3 – Contact Follow-Up and Interview Preparation/Practice

After practicing daily job search disciplines and advanced keyword analysis, it’s time to prepare for an interview by drafting answers to the most common interview questions.. Then, by practicing your answers to these questions over and again, you will soon be ready to “ace” the interview test. Some examples of questions you should be ready to answer include the following.

  • What are your strengths?
  • What are your weaknesses?
  • Why are you interested in working for our company?
  • What was your biggest failure?
  • What motivates you?
  • Tell me about an accomplishment you are most proud of.
  • Tell me about a time you made a mistake.
  • What is your dream job?

Keep in mind that there are different types of interviews – phone, video, or in person. Each interview offers unique insights for both the employer and the candidate. This will be the time to highlight your soft skills, such as, adaptability, creativity, and collaboration.

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Level 4 – Building Your Professional Network

According to industry surveys (Forbes, 2017), is the most consistent online source of quality, professional candidates  and is used by 97% of recruiters. In Level 4, you will learn how to set up a profile on LinkedIn and use your existing professional contacts to build a network of LinkedIn connections. You will also learn how to expand your network by joining Industry Groups and making connections with LinkedIn Influencers.

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Level 5 – Expand Connections with Local Employers

Level 5 teaches advanced LinkedIn techniques that allow you to target specific employers in your local market. This is your chance to work on designing your own personal brand. Your Job Coach will help you draw from personal strengths and passions to mold an exciting professional image or brand. In addition, your Job Coach can show you how to make personal connections and employer contacts by participating in industry and community events.

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Level 6 – Sprint to Finish and Get Hired!

Why are you the best candidate for us? Level 6 will show you how to impress recruiters with your qualifications, passion for the job, and unique personality.  The key is to make yourself memorable by out performing your competition in the interviews. But the process isn’t finished yet! Specific advice on the art of negotiation is included in the final lesson that your Job Coach will share with you. 

So, if you want to find a job and are willing to make the effort, Couch to Payday© – A Training Plan for Job Seekers is a great way to maximize the results of your job search investment and advance your life goals. Take advantage of this opportunity and sign up today!

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