Network’s Job Search Services

When it comes to helping clients, Network of Community Ministries has one mission… “to care, coach, and empower our neighbors in need as they seek an improved quality of life.” In the area of job search, that means helping every client find employment that supports their life goals!
Network offers a wide range of job search training services to ensure our clients success. These services include:

• 1-on-1 Job Coaching
• Resume development
• Job readiness skills training
• Assistance completing job applications.
• Interview skills training
• Mock Interviews (with a free outfit)

Call our Job Coach at 972-234-8880 ext. 114 or use the sign up form below to have our Job Coach call you. For a more in-depth program, please see below.

Everyone who signs up for the Couch to Payday© – A Training Plan for Job Seekers program will regularly meet with a Job Coach who is knowledgeable and ready to provide expert career advice. The coach will help you learn the job search skills and tools that are essential to your success in today’s competitive job market. Couch to Payday has proven successful for our clients. Over half of the clients who completed two or more course segments have landed a new job.

What if you knew you could win the job of your dreams by investing just six weeks of effort? In order to run a marathon, play a piano piece without mistakes, or achieve the goal of winning a great job, you must learn new skills to improve your performance. Couch to Payday© improves your performance as a job seeker by teaching you the skills essential to competing in today’s job market. 

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Level 1 – Life & Work Goals, Living Wages, & Search Parameters

Level 2 – Resumes, Keywords, & Applications

Level 3 – Follow-Up and Interview Practice

Level 4 – Your Professional Network

Level 5 – Local Employer Connections

Level 6 – Sprint to Finish and Get Hired!

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